Why Choose Armor – Kote

Where most improvements wear out or go “out of style,” you can be sure that your “ARMOR-KOTE” flooring will not only maintain its value, but remain “in style!” With ARMOR-KOTE flooring, you will not take a hit if you decide to sell your home.

  • 1 Day System – Minimum Downtime
  • Dry Application – No Dust, No Chemicals
  • Lifetime Warranty – Covered 100% Against Peeling or Delamination
Here’s A Few Reasons…

1).  Armor-KOTE flooring is an improvement that truly lasts from the day we install it, to the day you sell your home, and well after that. Our garage floor system is one of a kind, and will stand to the test of time and continue to look great for years to come.

2). You will enjoy it every day. Armor-KOTE flooring gives your floor that upscale look. It will bring a level of order and sophistication to your garage floor. What would usually look plain and dreary with oil stains everywhere, will now look beautiful and resist all types of stains and tire markings.

3). It will increase the garage’s overall functionality. The clean and attractive appearance makes utilizing the space for a party or next big game a no-brainer. You won’t have to worry about stains or hard to clean messes. After your party, you can easily sweep up, or even use the garden hose and squeegee the mess out!

4). Should you decide to sell your home, it STILL looks great and will really impress buyers. Let’s face it, a buyer tours your home, loves the master bedroom and kitchen. Then you open the garage and show off your beautiful Armor-KOTE garage floor, the deal will be “sealed.”

There are many other providers offering a 4-step process or some other sealant system. You should not allow these people to fool you into using an old, outdated, low quality system. Simply these systems have been proven to be highly ineffective.

Our two step flake system is revolutionary. Our system has proven itself time and time over again, with many happy and satisfied customers.

Our proprietary epoxy “wicks” deep into the concrete. The bond is 3 times stronger than competitors. Our system will withstand at least 8 lbs of MVE pressure, while other systems will fail at 3 lbs.